Fire Dragon Sun Rose

Helianthemum 'Fire Dragon'

A low-growing, evergreen perennial, Fire Dragon Sun Rose is perfect for the rock garden or low border. Translucent flowers emerge in spring, covering the plant in a wash of orange and pink.

I purchased 3 of these somewhat on a whim after deciding I needed to add splashes of warm color amongst the predominantly cool purple and pink tones I’ve built up in the garden. As of this June 1 writing, it’s too late to enjoy the flush of blooms this plant promises, but I’m looking forward to seeing the display emerge next spring. They should be a wonderful complement to the various sedums and parahebe planted on the low, south-facing rockery next to our driveway.


Companion Plants for Fire Dragon Sun Rose

Salvia, Agave, Yucca, Rosemary, Pennisetum, Sedum, Lewisia, Nepeta

  • Light Requirement

Nursery Tag

4-8" H, 12-18" W. Zone 4. Drought tolerant, long-blooming, evergreen. Deer resistant. Attracts pollinators.

Gardener's Log

05/2023: Planted 3 4-inch pots along driveway with sedums

Photo taken May 2023

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