Sedum ‘Carnea’

Sedum spathufolium 'Carnea'

One of my favorite sedums in the garden, Sedum ‘Carnea’ features stout, hazy gray leaves tinged in purple when facing cold or drought. In spring, the plant sends up on long stalks covered in striking yellow flowers that contrast the foliage beautifully. And not only that, this sedum is a strong grower, outpacing many of my other sedums while breezily propagating itself through underground runners.

I originally planted Sedum Carnea in late summer 2020, and it hung on despite the 2021 heat dome and squirrels trying to uproot it. I was able to successfully reroot it 2022 after I rebuilt the rockery and covered it in chicken wire (to keep out the squirrels) in late 2022.

Companion Plants for Sedum ‘Carnea’

Heather, hebe, aloe, agave

    Nursery Tag

    Hardy to zone 5. Oregon native

    Gardener's Log

    08/2020: I believe I first planted this in August 2020

    Photo taken May 2022

    Photo taken in 2022

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