Garden Locations

Here’s is a bit of info about the different areas of our yard and their microclimates.

Front Garden

Part Shade, Shade

This area had good bones from the beginning, so when we bough, we just fixed up the sidewalk and added new path lights. Over time I’ve added several perrenials, groundcovers and two Japanese maples. Although I’m never really done, I’d say this is the most finished garden on our property. If the weeds and slugs would magically go away I’d never need to touch it.


Sun, Part Shade, Dry Shade, Wet Shade, Bog Garden

Technically called a swale or seasonal stream, this area carries surface water that drains onto our property to the property below us. At one point flowed toward our house when the rain got heavy – yikes! We fixed this by refurbishing an existing concrete swale that we discovered after removing a bunch of ivy. This area is a weird mix of super-dry-under-Douglas-Fir and almost-always-soggy-with-sun. I’m still trying to figure it out.

North Side Yard

Part Sun, Part Shade, Shade

Probably the most transformed area in the garden, I’ve been working to fix this up since we had a row of giant holly trees removed 12 or so years ago. Though it’s always a work in progress, I feel like it’s about 80% done. Or 70%. Ok maybe 60%. I have too many ideas and not enough summer!

Back Deck

Part Sun

Before the property behind us was clearred, this was the second sunniest spot on the property. I need to upload a new photo! I walk a fine line between having enough potted plants and worrying if the combined weight of those pots is a danger to the structural integrity of the deck.

North Side Yard

Sun, Part Sun

This is a before photo – I need to grab a good after shot! Before it was cleared for construction, this area was shaded by dense hollies and cedars, with extremely dry and very poor soil. Some past owner also deemed it a dumping ground for construction debris (I’m still digging up glass shards when I plant). Now it’s my sun plant playground (update coming soon).


This is an old, post-renovation photo – but it’s a good one because you can see the room! Fixing this previously dilapidated sunroom up may be one of the best investments we’ve made in our house. It’s south facing and I use it as a place to start seeds, a house plant haven. The only thing I would change is to add more square footage!