Primrose Heron Lamb’s Ear

Stachys byzantina
[STAK-iss by-zan-TY-na]

With its broad, soft and velvety leaves, one can see why this water-wise perennial was dubbed Lamb’s Ear. Extremely easy to grow, this plant is adapted to dry sunny locations, though it benefits from some shade in hotter areas. Primrose Heron Lamb’s Ear is a variety that emerges blue-green in spring, turning chartreuse in sun, then fading to silver as the season progresses.

Lamb’s Ear can be invasive but tends to behave itself in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it is recommended as an alternative to Common Comfrey which is toxic to livestock (and humans). I’ve planted just a few along the easement hoping it will spread without supplemental water into a decent weed-suppressing patch.

Companion Plants for Primrose Heron Lamb’s Ear

Roses, iris, Russian sage, allium; purple plants

        Nursery Tag

        9-18 in. tall, 12-18 in. wide. Zones 4 - 8

        Gardener's Log

        04/2023: Planted 3 4-inch pots on the easement

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