Pacific Waterleaf

Hydrophyllum tenuipes

Our tenacious patch of Pacific Waterleaf soldiered on for years despite being engulfed in the giant ivy patch bordering our street. After removing said ivy this winter, I was excited to see this lovely little native emerge again and spread its wings, unencumbered by its old brutish neighbor.

I actually didn’t know what this plant was until I looked it up on iNaturalist in order to properly catalog it here. Apparently, it’s quite edible, though I’m going to wait until at least 3 people confirm my identification before I try it. There are some pacific waterleaf lookalikes out there (though I’m pretty sure I’ve ID’d this one correctly).

Companion Plants for Pacific Waterleaf

Red Alder, California Hazelnut, Salmonberry, Redwood Sorrel, Miner’s Lettuce

    • Shade Grade

      Nursery Tag

      Part shade to shade. Ideal location: rich humusy soil under tall established trees.

      Gardener's Log

      05/2006: I believe these were here when we purchased the house, or otherwise found their way here afterwards.

      Pacific Waterleaf Patch

      Photo taken May 2023

      Pacific Waterleaf Foliage

      Photo taken May 2023

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