Purple Mist Parahebe

Parahebe perfoliata

This sun-loving plant sports beautiful blue-gray foliage reminiscent of eucalyptus. Purple Mist Parahebe lies somewhere between a shrub and groundcover, with long stems that gently arch out from the center, making it a fabulous border or rock garden addition.

I’ve sited mine next to our driveway at the end of a planting bed where it can soften the transition to an adjacent mulched area. This is a dry, part-sun location. Parahebe prefers full sun so I’m curious how it will perform. A Great Plant Pick for the Pacific Northwest.

Companion Plants for Purple Mist Parahebe

Cistus, Hebe, Sedum, Carex, Phormium, Lewisia, Delosperma

  • Light Requirement

Nursery Tag

H: 2' W' 3' Zone: 7 Drought tolerant Long Blooming Evergreen Shelter the plant from wind for best performance. Cut the foliage to the ground in late winter.

Gardener's Log

03/2023: Planted 3 1 gallons next to the driveway, by succulents.

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