Oregano ‘Kirigami’

Oreganum 'Kirigami'

Oregano ‘Kirigami’ is a charming perennial sporting pendulous stems decorated with showy pink-tinged bracts and tiny purple flowers. Wonderful in hanging baskets and retaining walls where the foliage can cascade freely.

I remember seeing similar-looking plants in neighborhood rockeries and desperately wanted them – but I had no idea what kind of plants they were (perhaps this was before those plant identification apps hit the market). I discovered they were ornamental oregano after I happened upon a photo of ‘Kirigami’ while browsing a seed catalog. I promptly made a purchase.

My seed-starting efforts weren’t wildly successful, but I got a few plants going strong enough to plant out. Over the course of the summer, the hanging basket  I placed them in slowly filled out – somewhat lopsided, but that one side looked great! It overwintered successfully and is coming back into full flush in July of 2023.

I find the compacted leaf pattern of ‘Kirigami’ fascinating – it reminds me of a Slinky or some papery part decoration. And the soft limey green paired with pink and purple is just fantastic. I’m now on a quest to acquire more ornamental oregano cultivars and pepper them around the garden.

Companion Plants for Oregano ‘Kirigami’

Sea Holly, Lavender, Creeping Thyme

    • Shade Grade
    • Light Requirement

    Nursery Tag

    8-10" H 12-14" W. Part shade to full sun. Hanging baskets, borders & rock gardens.

    Gardener's Log

    05/2022: Planted 4 various size starts into hanging basket on east end of sunroom. Started from seed in February, not great germination rate.

    Photo of Kirigami Oregano gently drooping over the edge of its hanging basket

    Photo taken August 2022

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