Variegated Japanese Iris

Iris ensata 'Variegata'

Variegated Japanese Iris looks strikingly similar to the Striped Water Iris I moved from the drainage pond to the new stepstone path. However, it differs in that it won’t tolerate standing water, which is good since this is a drier area than a pond. I’m hoping it will outperform the water iris in the area, which seem to be lacking in vigor, perhaps because they were buried too deep after the retaining wall was built.

Companion Plants for Variegated Japanese Iris

Coneflower, Bee Balm, Spiderwort

    Nursery Tag

    H 26"-30" W 18"-24". Zone 4. Tolerates moist soil

    Gardener's Log

    03/2022: Planted 3 flanking the flagstone path next to the creek, next to existing Iris laevigata

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