Clematis ‘Broughton Star’

Clematis montana ‘Broughton Star’

Clematis ‘Broughton Star’ is a vigorous twining vine with a profusion of delightful double and semi-double pink flowers. New bronze-tinted leaves emerge in spring followed by delicate blooms. This particular clematis is listed as a Great Plant Pick for the Pacific Northwest, and one of the reasons I purchased it over the plethora of other clematis varieties available at the local nursery.

I’ve had tepid success with clematis in our garden but I keep trying with new cultivars. Lackluster growth and few blooms are the main issues (and sometimes a particular vine will suffer from both). Broughton Star is probably much too large for the spot I planted it, but I figured if it has as meager growth as my other clematis, then it will be perfect, right?

The first year saw no blooms, and as of May of this year (2023) there are 8. I’m seeing minor whitefly damage which I’m not treating, and am hoping it’s just a phase that the vine will push past as summer arrives.

Pruning group A – Prune only just after flowering, if necessary.

Companion Plants for Clematis ‘Broughton Star’

Pair with evergreen vines like Japanese evergreen honeysuckle and passion flower for year-round beauty.

    Nursery Tag

    2.5" blooms May and June. Mature height: 12-20ft. Pruning group A. Unusual double-flower selection of Clematis montana with beautiful two-toned flowers. Great plant pick

    Gardener's Log

    05/2022: 1 gallon Planted under sunroom by southwest post.

    Clematis Broughton Star Double Bloom

    Lovely double bloom on Broughton Star. Photo taken May 2023

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