Sundance Mexican Orange

Choisya ternata 'Sundance'
[CHOIZ-e-a ter-NA-ta]

Sundance Mexican Orange is a waxy-leaved evergreen shrub that sports chartreuse new growth in spring. Slower growing than the species, this variety matures to 5 or 6 feet tall and wide. Like the species, Sundance blooms spring through summer with wonderfully fragrant, small white flowers which emit a citrus-like scent. This cultivar performs best when it receives some protection from the rays of the afternoon sun. Generally low-maintenance and pest-free.

I planted a trade 1-gallon in a rather dry area that receives some shade. Our neighbor has one as well, sited within the root zone of a large Douglas Fir without supplemental water, so I’m hoping this one will do well, as well. Just in case, I beefed up the drip irrigation in that area and will keep a close eye on it for the first year.


Companion Plants for Sundance Mexican Orange

Ceanothus, purple loropetalums

    Nursery Tag

    Zone 7 Well-drained, acid, moist soil Deer and rabbit resistant

    Gardener's Log

    03/2023: Planted one 2-gallon specimen in the front yard next to the boxwoods, close to the mountain ash.

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