Crocosmia Emily McKenzie

Crocosmia crocosmiflora 'Emily McKenzie'

Crocosmia ‘Emily McKenzie’ is a beautiful bicolor crocosmia sporting orange, trumpet-shaped flowers dashed with scarlet on the throats. Perfect for borders, this vibrant cultivar pairs well with other vivid flowers like delphinium and blue salvias. Crocosmia also makes a wonderful cut flower for arrangements.

Our garden came stocked with a few crocosmias back when we bought the house, and I’ve been dividing, moving, and removing them ever since. They do quite well in some locations (wet and interspersed with hostas) but flop over in others (dry and sunny), so I have been hesitant to try any different variety because I don’t like a fussy plant. However, the photo of the beautiful flower on the packaging swayed me.

I purchased just one pack of 5 bulbs and planted them not far from another bed with our old crocosmias – looking forward to comparing and contrasting when these emerge (hopefully) in a couple of months.


Companion Plants for Crocosmia Emily McKenzie

Delphiniums, deep blue salvias, dark leaved cannas

    Nursery Tag

    Zones 6 - 9 Height: 20-23" Moist, well-drained soil, Morning sun Deer and rabbit resistant Attracts butterflies Ideal cut flower

    Gardener's Log

    04/2023: Planted 5 bulbs next to blue hydrangea in front of living room window.

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