Azalea Rosebud

Rhododendron 'Rosebud' or Azalea x 'Rosebud'

Azalea Rosebud is multiple award-winning double-flowered Azalea that bursts into bloom in mid-to-late spring. These small evergreen shrubs are covered in luscious, rose-like blooms for up to 6 weeks.

I sited 3 of them in front of our living room window, a tricky shaded spot with a low window that I don’t want to obscure with large shrubs. I was lucky enough to stop by Sky Nursery right after a huge shipment of Azaleas came in. I chose this particular variety because it seemed more shade tolerant than many of the others. I’m not a huge pastel pink flower fan, but I think they will look nice and provide good winter structure and hide the front foundation year-round.

Companion Plants

Ostrich Fern, Mountain Laurel, Enkianthus, Bleeding Heart

    Nursery Tag

    Zone 5 Well-drained, acid soil

    Gardener's Log

    03/2023: Planted 3 1 gallons in front of living room window.

    A row of 3 newly planted Azalea Rosebud

    Photo taken May 2023