Snowdrift Evergreen Clematis

Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift'

I’m hoping to train this evergreen along the base sunroom wall which could really use some disguising. Also I had high hopes for the Holboellia sausage vine growing underneath the sunroom but so far it’s not grown much (root or topside) in the 2 years it’s been in the ground, so I’m hedging my bets and planting this as a quasi-replacement. Another note, the nursery tag claims it’s only hardy to 15F, whereas great plant picks pegs it as a zone 7. I hope great plant picks is more right given I lost a few zone-8 hardy plants this last winter.

    Nursery Tag

    rapid growing spreading evergreen broadleaf vine. Height 25 - 30 feet. Hardy to about 15 F (GPP says zone 7 - 9). Pure white flowers. Mature height: 20-30'. Pruning group 'a'.

    Gardener's Log

    05/2022: Planted one, 1-gallon, rather sad-looking specimen in small bed north east of sunroom

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