Osmanthus ‘Goshiki’

Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Goshiki'

Osmanthus ‘Goshiki’, also known as Goshiki False Holly, is a slow-growing evergreen shrub sporting spiky glossy leaves flecked with yellow, pink, orange, green, and white. The Japanese word ‘goshiki’ translates to ‘5 colors’, an apt descriptor for this lovely plant.

I purchased 2 of these on a whim on my way out of the nursery. While I didn’t have a particular spot for them, they checked the ‘easy care’, ‘evergreen’, and ‘visual interest’ boxes on my mental checklist. I like that they are slow-growing and drought-tolerant so I’ll have to fuss with them only every few years.

The two specimens are planted in quite different sub climates in the yard. One is in a hot, dry, and mostly sunny spot; the other will get part sun and enjoy more moisture during the hot summer months. I’m interested to see how these differing conditions change these shrubs’ growth habits and coloring over the next few seasons.

Companion Plants for Osmanthus ‘Goshiki’

Pennisetum, Boxwood, Daylily, Loropetalum, Nandina

      Nursery Tag

      Moist, rich, well drained soil. Drought tolerant once established. Slow growth rate. Zone 6. 10' tall x 8' wide, or smaller depending on the source.

      Gardener's Log

      06/2023: Planted 1 in creek garden near big doug fir, other next to boulder under Blue Atlas Cedar

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