Clematis H. F. Young

Clematis 'H. F. Young'

This smaller-growing clematis features spectacular 7″ violet blooms that fade to sky blue as the season progresses. The perfect choice for a small, tucked-away spot, I chose Clematis H. F. Young to brighten (and camouflage) an 8-foot deck stair support post. It’s also purported to be an easy grower for first-time clematis parents – which I am not, but might as well be given my luck with clematis. Like all clematis, H. F. Young is a twining vine without aerial roots and won’t decorate the support post with stuck-on root chunks should I ever decide to move it.

It’s been a bit of touch and go since I first planted this last year (2022). I have a mole or two that like to tunnel between the root ball and the post support, leaving air pockets around the roots. I think this led to the dieback of its tallest vine this spring, but the plant recovered enough to flower in May. I’ve also placed an 8″ wire cage around the base to protect it from any rodent nibblings which may or may not be necessary, but I’m leaving it in place for at least another year or two just in case.

Pruning group B – pruning not necessary for flowering (pruning optional)

Companion Plants for Clematis H. F. Young

Japanese Maple, Daylily, Rose, Aster

    Nursery Tag

    6 - 9" lavender flowers. Plant height 6 - 9". Pruning group B.

    Gardener's Log

    05/2022: Planted on stringer post in begonia bed

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