Chollipo Euonymus

Euonymus japonicus 'Chollipo'

I chose Chollipo Euonymus as a screening plant for a tricky area of the garden because it’s so highly adaptable. It ticks a lot of boxes regarding privacy and dependability: dense habit, fast-growing, evergreen, tolerant of some shade, poor soils, heat, and even salt spray.

The two 5-gallon specimens I planted are filling in a space that will eventually be overtaken by two evergreens that are growing together. I was satisfied with the gap between our Spring Grove and Blue Alaska Cedar until our neighbor installed an HVAC condenser whose fan faces our backyard. Keen to defend against the droning noise, I installed these shrubs, which won’t do much in the first couple of years but should at least break the straight line of sight (sound?) from the condenser to our lawn in year three. (A fence would be better but cost ten thousand percent more.)

The striking gold variegation of these Chollipo Euonymus will contrast nicely with the deep green backdrop of the two conifers. Additionally, I planted a Royal Purple Smokebush to the south, which adds additional color contrast in that corner of our yard. I’m looking forward to seeing this area develop over the next few years.

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      Nursery Tag

      Zones 6-9. Quickly reaches 12ft tall and 6ft wide. Tolerates poor soils, heat, and salt spray.

      Gardener's Log

      06/2023: Planted 2, 5-gallons on easement by Spring Grove Arborvitae and Blue Alaska Cedar

      Newly planted Chollipo Euonymus in a property border garden bed

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