Shade Grade: TBD

A large conifer purported to accept part shade - we'll see how she does!

Blue Alaska Cedar

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Glauca'
[kam-ah-SIP-ar-iss newt-kah-TEN-sis]

I spied this sweet little tree at Flower World while looking for a replacement for the sad, ailing Sitka Spruce I had planted in December of 2020*. A beautiful blue version of the native Alaska Cedar, this specimen should work well in the ‘wall of trees’ I’ve planned along the easement – it has much the same leaf pattern and color depth of the others, but the cool color should be a nice complement to the warm tones of the incense cedar and thujas (2 green giants and 1 spring grove). It’s apparently somewhat difficult to find this variety so I count myself lucky. I’m sad the spruce didn’t work out but I think this guy might be a better fit, especially considering it can take more shade than the spruce.

*The spruce seemed to be suffering some type of needle dieback, and the new growth was malformed on several branches, possible evidence of Cooley spruce adelgid infestation.

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Mature height: 60-80ft high, 20' wide. Can grow in poor soil and withstand very cold temps. Sun to part shade. Hardy to -50F

Gardener's Log

05/2021: Planted in south easement in place of dying Sitka Spruce