Lemon Spritzer Cape Fuchsia

Phygelius x rectus 'Lemon Spritzer'

The variegated leaves of Lemon Spritzer Cape Fuchsia bring a bit of sparkle to the part-sun perennial border. Bright green-gold leaves are flecked with dark and lime green, with the occasional splash of cream. Brilliant orange-pink blossoms are a hummingbird magnet from spring through fall.

I’d had my eye on cape fuchsias for a while (because I love my hardy fuchsias so much), and I finally purchased this Lemon Spritzer after falling in love with its vibrant foliage and contrasting flowers. I’m hoping this similarly-named plant (of an entirely different genus) performs as flawlessly as my fuchsias do.

Companion Plants for Lemon Spritzer Cape Fuchsia

Phormium, Ceanothus, Liatris, Hosta, Canna, Helianthemum

    Nursery Tag

    32-36" high and wide. Zone 7.

    Gardener's Log

    07/2023: Planted 1 one-gallon next to boulder under blue atlas cedar, near mystery maple and dawn redwood

    Recently planted Lemon Spritzer Cape Fuschia in Landscape

    Photo taken July 2023

    Closeup of Lemon Spritzer Cape Fuschia Foliage

    Lemon Spritzer Cape Fuschia Foliage

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