Winter Jewels Black Diamond Lenten Rose

Helleborus 'Black Diamond'

With jet-black blooms, Winter Jewels Black Diamond Lenten Rose (or Hellebore) makes a striking statement in a part-shade border. This hardy hellebore’s fantastic flower show is complemented by grass-green leaves, which carry on through the rest of the season as its blossoms fade, providing winter interest.

UPDATE 2023: After spending a couple years of getting established, this hellebore is looking great this spring. My only complaint is the flowers are downturned more than I would like.

POSTED 2019: I’ve had a couple of Ivory Prince hellebores along the front sidewalk for years. They are beautiful plants – but expensive and don’t like to be moved – so I’ve hesitated to buy more until I saw Black Diamond in the nursery. I think it needs a little more TLC than I normally give my plants – the new growth is nice but the flowers look a bit shoddy, possibly due to slug damage.

Companion Plants for Winter Jewels Black Diamond Lenten Rose

Cyclamen, Galianthus

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    LIGHT Partial sun:3-6 hours of sunlight Shade: less than 3 hours of sunlight WATERING Water weekly, more in extreme heat, until established AVERAGE SIZE Reaches |5 to (8 in. tall and 18 to 92 in. wide. BLOOMS Early Spring HARDINESS USDA Zones 4.9 Avg. min. temp -30 to -20°F LANDSCAPE USE Woodland Garden, Mass Planting, Border SPECIAL FEATURES waterwise, deer resistant

    Gardener's Log

    04/2018: Planted behind garage in spring of 2018.

    Foliage and flowers of Winter Jewels Black Diamond Lenten Rose

    Photo taken Spring 2023

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