Summer Gold Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Summer gold'

I went to the nursery with the intent of finding an Autumn Moon Japanese Maple but fell in love with this one instead. I also fell in love with the price, which was about $100 less than the Autumn Moon! The rusty leaf edges complement the stain color on our deck railing, which is a nice surprise. It’s only 4 feet tall at the moment and is medium growing, so we should have a few years of enjoyment before we need to transplant it into the yard.

    Nursery Tag

    Medium growing rounded deciduous broadleaf tree. Height 10 to 12 feet. Spread 10 to 12 feet. Hardy to about -10 degrees F. Likes sun or part shade.

    Gardener's Log

    05/2017: Purchased from Sky Nursery in a 5 gallon pot. Planted in cedar box on deck

    Photo taken May 2022


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