Profuse Flowering Clematis ‘Serious Black’

Clematis recta purpurea 'Lime Close'

This needs more sun than I think we can give it. It popped up in April and I’m crossing my fingers. When I bought this I didn’t realize it wasn’t a vine. It’s actually an upright variety of clematis! We may not get the full black as described on the nursery tag, but I like the ruddy green color I’m seeing so far.

Update: not enough sun! Gave it away to a friend with a much sunnier lot!


  • Shade Grade

Nursery Tag

Deep purple spring foliage topped by fragrant white early blooms. Fluffy fall seedheads. Easy in a bright spot with drainage. Prune to ground in winter. Great paired with anything 'Aurea'

Gardener's Log

03/2017: Purchases as a root-in-bag at the NW Flower and Garden show.

Clematis recta photo

Photo by livewombat

Clematis recta photo

Photo by jacki-dee

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