Subalpine Fir “Alpine Beauty”

Abies lasiocarpa "Alpine Beauty"

UPDATE 2021: Giving this guy a B shade grade – I don’t imagine it would do well in full shade but it’s growing rather well on our part-shade deck.

We bought this little cutie as a “consolation prize” from Peninsula Nursery because all 3 of their amazing larger “Green Globe” Abies lasiocarpa were sold. “Alpine beauty” will never get as big as “Green Globe”, but shows a lot of personality for its size. Its hazy blue needles and bonsai-like appearance make it an a great potted specimen for year-round interest. It looks great next to our begonias and other leafy perennials on the back deck.

  • Shade Grade

Nursery Tag

Annual Growth: 1-2", to 1'x1' in 10 years. Form: Globose. Growth rate: Miniature. Hardiness: Zones 4-8

Gardener's Log

07/2019: Planted in white glazed pot on deck

Abies lasiocarpa Alpine Beauty

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