Red Baron Blood Grass

Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'

I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to get my hands on this plant. It’s one of the limited number of grasses that grow in shade, and sports a spectacular red color that almost glows in sunlight. Plus it’s drought tolerant AND prefers moist soil. One downside is its potential to naturalize a little too much if planted in full shade. To start, I sited it in a semi-shaded spot and will keep an eye out for any unruliness.

Nursery Tag

Sun, Part Shade, Shade. H: 18" W:12" Zone 6: -10F to 0F. Rarely blooms. Drought tolerant. Tolerates moist soil.

Gardener's Log

05/2019: Planted 2 6in pots next to pieris tree.

japanese blood grass photo

Photo by jacki-dee

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