Sprinter Boxwood

Buxus mirophylla 'Bulthouse'

Supposedly fast growing for boxwoods, I planted these ‘Sprinters’ to replace the English Laurels that I finally got sick of and removed from our front garden. (That took some fortitude and muscle, but I’m glad I did it – they needed pruning twice a year and usually looked like heck.). The boxwoods came shipped direct from the nursery via Home Depot and looked healthy though a wee bit on the small side, so I’m hoping they live up to their name.

UPDATE 2021: They don’t seem to have sprinted much but they were so small to begin with it’s hard to tell! They seem healthy anyway, looking forward to more growth next year.

Companion Plants

    Nursery Tag

    Sun or shade. Zones 5 - 9. 2-4' tall and wide

    Gardener's Log

    09/2020: Planted 8 along retaining wall in front garden. 1 remaining planted in a pot.

    Photo taken October 2020

    Photo taken July 2021