Rose Campion

Lychnis coronaria

This plant is a little weedy and seeds itself around, but I don’t mind because the deep magenta flower color is so stunning! When admiring the blooms I almost feel like I’m staring into a black light (in a good way?). The powdery gray foliage sets off the color even more. I’m hoping to eventually have a nice clump of these in one spot rather than the individuals that crop up everywhere – they are supposedly sun plants but I find them emerging even in quite shady areas.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Zones 4-8. The only additional care the plants need is late fall or early winter pruning. Cut them back to about one-third of their original size. The trimmings are fine for the compost pile.

    Gardener's Log

    06/2005: Either was here when we moved in or found its way here on its own

    10/2022: Transplanted and grouped into two bunches next to Doug fir north of creek

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