Purple Sheep’s Burr

Acaena inermis 'Purpurea'

I purchased this interesting New Zealand burr color variant after great success with the more commonly found Blue Haze acaena. Slightly smaller and with a purplish tint, this variety looks nice paired with blue or green companions, but can seem to visually disappear next to open ground depending on your garden soil color. So far it’s been very hardy, though slightly less exuberant than its blue cousin.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Attractive 3/4" brownish flowers  cover the mat of 3" scalloped leaves and little purple-brown to pale olive leaflets add interest.Plant in sun or part sun Space 18-24" (46-61 cm) apart. Grows to 6" (15 cm) tall.

    Gardener's Log

    06/2017: Planted on pathway next to half circle garden in front of dirt room, in 2017 (I think??)

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