Compact Giant Papyrus

Cyperus Percamenthus

Sadly this interesting plant was not meant to be. First off, I misread the nursery tag. I purchased it hoping for a smallish plant, and obviously stopped reading after the word ‘compact’, ignoring the word ‘giant’. And it did got pretty giant for its location so I made a mental not to move it the following year. Despite potentially needing more sun that we get, it did pretty well, and acted as a nice complement to the surrounding water plants. But sadly our landscapers lopped it off during the fall cleanup, and it never came back! Perhaps I’ll try again with a smaller variety someday!

Nursery Tag

Grows 18" to 24". Compact with large tufts. Full sun to medium shade.

Gardener's Log

04/2017: Purchased from Sky Nursery, planted in water garden

Cyperus photo

Photo by uphillblok

Cyperus photo

Photo by Eric Hunt.

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