Ceanothus ‘Diamond Heights’

Ceanothus griseus var. horizontalis 'Diamond Heights'

UPDATE: Now that we have more sun to the south, I’m trying again! I couldn’t resist, I love the color and habit.

This plant looked good for quite a while until it up and died one winter. It never got very big, but looked generally healthy until that fateful year. I loved the shiny yellow-green leaves which is a color difficult to find in shade plants. In fact, I would consider buying it again, even if just as a decorative annual for a pot on the deck.

  • Shade Grade

Nursery Tag

Sun, Part Shade. 8-12" tall and 24-36" wide. Blue flowers in spring. Zone 8, cold hardy to 10-20 degrees F.

Gardener's Log

04/2012: Planted in north side garden

07/2021: Planted a new half gallon specimen at end of front sidewalk, west side

diamond heights photo

Photo by John Rusk

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