Silver Sprinkles Pilea

Pilea glauca

This indoor plant seems pretty indestructible. I have one specimen in a pretty small pot and I’ve let the soil get dry as a bone before noticing that it needs to be watered. It has bounced back every time despite the nursery tag instructions to keep it slightly moist. Sounds like it tolerates both ends of the watering spectrum, which is great! Its compact vining habit and tiny leaves make it a great compliment to broad-leafed specimens like Snake Plant.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    moderate growing cascading plant- prefers bright filtered light keep above 40 - keep slightly moist - needs good air circulation easy care plant - tolerates low light

    Gardener's Log

    02/2017: Planted in small 3-legged pot from dirt room.

    pilea glauca photo

    Photo by dermoidhome

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