Beni maiko Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Beni maiko'

The Beni Maiko Japanese Maple is a delicate yet striking ornamental tree, highly sought after for its beautiful foliage, which emerges as a bright crimson in the spring. The leaves are small and finely cut, with a rich red color that gradually fades to pink and then green as the season progresses. The name “Beni Maiko” translates to “Red Haired Dancing Girl” in Japanese, which perfectly captures the unique appearance of this maple tree.

I initially purchased this tree as a centerpiece for a large pot flanking our front sidewalk. After one season I decided it was a little too delicate for that spot, both in texture and hardiness. The leaves ended up dried and burnt either due to sun or a southern wind that tends to whip around that corner of our house. So I moved it to a sheltered spot behind our north side garden gate. It looks and fares much better in that spot, pairing perfectly with the cedar-stained fence and variegated Aucuba japonica behind it.

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    Nursery Tag

    6-8' tall, 4-6' wide. Hardy to -5 (USDA Zones 6-9) Full sun to Part sun. Spring leaves are fire red turning green in the summer then fiery orange and red in the fall.

    Gardener's Log

    11/2021: Planted in large pot in front garden gravel area

    06/2022: Moved to west of gate arbor on north side

    6 foot tall Beni Maiko Japanese Maple with bright pink spring foliage, up against a fence and variagated aucuba japonica.

    Photo taken Spring 2023

    Closeup of hot pink Beni Maiko leaves in spring.

    Closeup of spring foliage in 2023

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