Yarrow New Vintage Violet

Achillea millefolia 'Balvinviolet'

Yarrow New Vintage Violet is a compact, long-blooming achillea with spectacular violet-magenta flowers. Known for their hardiness and drought tolerance, many yarrows grow quite tall, with the ‘millefoil’ species reaching 3 feet or more. This cultivar stays much shorter at only 12-15″, making it a great option for the front of the border in dry, sunny garden beds.

The nectar-rich blossoms attract butterflies and other pollinators. New Vintage varieties do not reseed to become invasive, unlike common yarrow. Cut back flowers by half after flowers have faded to promote a second bloom.

The three 4″ pots I received as a road-trip gift from John were mislabelled as ‘New Vintage White’. I planted them before they had bloomed, so we didn’t know this until I had already situated them among some pink-flowering escallonia (hoping to create a nice contrast of pink and white).

To my surprise, they almost create a contrast in the other direction – the violet blooms of this yarrow are so eye-popping that the escallonia flowers pale in comparison. I may move them at some point, but I’m leaving them put to come into their full glory this summer (2023).

Companion Plants for Yarrow New Vintage Violet

Peonies, Siberian Iris, Baptisia

      • Light Requirement

      Nursery Tag

      14" x 12". Zone 4. Heat and drought tolerant.

      Gardener's Log

      06/2023: Planted 3 very overgrown quart pots between escallonia on South easement

      Photo taken June 2023

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