Gaultheria procumbens

These lovely little groundcovers sport a profusion of small red berries in late summer and fall. In fact, I have passed up these natives many times at the nursery but was finally swayed this September by their bright, cheerful fruits. Wintergreen is often used in potted arrangements in autumn after summer flowers are spent, but I went ahead and planted them in the ground, despite some sources saying that they never quite look as good when used as an actual groundcover. But I have their local western cousin Gaultheria shallon growing well nearby so I thought I’d give it a shot.

UPDATE: These overwintered and sprung back so well I bought 4 more specimens to fill out the space

Nursery Tag

6" H x 24" W. Zones 3-9. Evergreen White flowers in late spring with bright red berries in the fall.

Gardener's Log

09/2020: Planted along steps outside of dirt room in back yard

gaultheria procumbens photo

Photo by jacilluch

gaultheria procumbens photo

Photo by cultivar413

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