Veronica ‘Charlotte’

Veronica longifolia 'Charlotte'

Veronica ‘Charlotte’ is a compact, white-flowered variety of this cottage-garden favorite, also known as Garden Speedwell. Tall spikes filled with tiny, white, tube-shaped blossoms complement the plant’s variegated green and white leaves.

I purchased one of these plants on a summer-perennial shopping spree at Loen Nursery in Oregon and situated it in a sunny but relatively dry spot under a limbed-up Douglas Fir in our backyard. So far, it seems rather thirsty and flags a bit in the afternoon sun. I water it dutifully, but I may need to transplant it to a spot with fewer water-hungry tree roots.

Companion Plants for Veronica ‘Charlotte’

Daylily, Monarda

      • Light Requirement

      Nursery Tag

      H: 24-30" W: 12-18". Hardy to Zone 4. Drought tolerant, long blooming

      Gardener's Log

      07/2023: Planted 1, one-gallon under Doug fir along creek, between Goshiki Osmanthus and Deodar Cedar

      Newly planted Veronica 'Charlotte' in the landscape

      Photo taken July 2023

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