Soquel Coast Redwood

Sequoia sempervirens 'Soquel'

Soquel Coast Redwood is a more diminutive cultivar of the famed Coast Redwood species, denizen of the famous California redwood forests, and the largest living organism on earth. Nevertheless, Soquel is a fast grower, reaching 50′ to 90′ feet at maturity. Soft, bright green needles emerge in spring on upswept branch tips. Its overall habit is compact and tidy, making it an effective screen or windbreak. Tolerates some shade, though growth may be more open.

I had mail ordered and planted a 2-foot tall coast redwood species (thinking I’d never find one locally), when lo and behold, I happened upon a number of cultivars reaching 8 or 9 feet stocked at Sky Nursery in 2020. I didn’t immediately decide to replace the little one I had already planted, but ultimately gave in on my 3rd trip back to Sky.

I chose to plant coast redwood based on Great Plant Picks’ recommendation – it seemed to fit the backyard habitat perfectly. I’m a little apprehensive about how big it’s supposed to get. It will definitely dominate the surrounding trees, though I did plant it at least 15 feet from them. It can be limbed up as needed – beyond that, well, the next owners of our house can figure that out!

Companion Plants for Soquel Coast Redwood

Wild ginger, Ceanothus, Pacific Bleeding Heart, Fringecup, Huckleberry

Nursery Tag

height 70 to 100 feet. Hardy to about 5F. Likes sun/part shade

Gardener's Log

01/2021: Planted in back yard 20ft from Brandywine maple

Coast redwood landscape

Photo taken August 2021

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