Shade Grade: TBD

I believe these prefer sun so we'll see how they do in a part-sun spot

Skunk Cabbage

Lysichiton americanum

Update 2022: Sadly these are still puny after 2 years, although they are still coming back every year. I’m curious when I’ll see them at the typical size I seem them in the wild.

These amazing and odiferous plants dot the low swampy woodlands across the Pacific side cascades. I’ve admired these beautiful fleshy harbingers of spring on many hikes we’ve made throughout western washington. Blessed with a swampy ecosystem of our own, I was happy to finally find these for sale at a local native plant nursery. The specimens I bought were fairly small when I planted them last year (2020) so I’m looking forward to seeing how long it takes for them to grow into the glorious, stinky yellow beauties I’ve seen in the wild (and along many roadside ditches, which bodes well for their hardiness in our yard.)

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    Nursery Tag

    Early spring wetland feature, giant yellow flowers

    Gardener's Log

    06/2020: Planted 4 specimens in low portion of creek