Rhododendron ‘Wine and Roses’

Rhododendron hybrid

A stunning rhodie even without blooms, Rhododendron ‘Wine and Roses’ sports an attractive blue-green leaf surface with a beautiful, contrasting red/orange underside.

I purchased Wine and Roses in 2021 and loved it so much, I bought another one in 2022. The green and red coloration of this rhododendron helps tie together greens and reds in the landscape. I set our first one among hostas between our Everred rhododendron and Pixie Japanese maple, and the second sits next to our gorgeous Twombly’s Red Sentinel maple. I will absolutely buy another one if I can come up with a place to put it!

Companion Plants for Rhododendron ‘Wine and Roses’

Pieris, Viburnum, Astilbe, Kalmia (Mountain Laurel), Mahonia (Oregon Grape), Japanese Maples

    Nursery Tag

    Rich pink flowers in April fading to light pink. Stunning red wine colors under the leaves. Bronzy new growth. To 4' in 12 - 15 years. Sun to part shade, not hot sun. Hardy to 5 degrees.

    Gardener's Log

    08/2021: Planted next to pixie japanese maple on retaining wall

    05/2022: Planted 2 gallon Between Twombly's red sentinal and blue atlas cedar

    A young Rhododendron Wine and Roses in spring, beginning to bloom.

    Photo taken April 2022

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