Polish Spirit Clematis

Clematis viticella 'Polish Spirit'

This is one of the several clematis I’ve collected and keep moving around to find a good spot for it. It really seems to like the north side trellis but I’m going to try and move it to our fancy new fence arbor on the east side of that space and let it grow free – right now it’s competing with 2 other vines and I can barely walk under the trellis with all that greenery on it!

Group C: Blooms only on new growth. Cut back to 2 strong leaf buds on each stem, normally within 12″ of the ground.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Medium growing deciduous vine. Spread 10 - 12 feet. Hardy to 0 degrees F. Prune hard in late winter. Likes sun/part shade.

    Gardener's Log

    08/2015: planted in deck pot with wire trellis. Maybe in 2015?

    08/2018: Moved to wire trellis in north side yard, maybe 2018

    08/2020: Moved to new trellis on NW house corner, companion to Madison Star Jasmine

    05/2022: Moved to the south easement next to our power pole.

    clematis polish spirit photo

    Photo by sion_a

    clematis polish spirit photo

    Photo by wallygrom

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