New Zealand Bur ‘Blue Haze’

Acaena microphylla (or saccaticupula) 'Blue Haze'

An unusual powdery blue leaf color makes New Zealand Bur ‘Blue Haze’ bur a stunning groundcover when planted en masse. I planted just a few 4″ pots and it’s spread readily throughout the area – in fact, I need to trim it back a bit each year to keep it in check. I’ve removed it completely from one spot near our stone pathway because I can never seem to trim off the burs before they are ripe and ready to stick to your socks.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Zone 6a-9b. Mat forming, tolerates foot traffic. Drought tolerant when established

    Gardener's Log

    04/2011: Planted in north side garden in 2011.

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