Mountain Hemlock

Tsuga mertensia

I now have three of these beautiful Mountain Hemlocks. I’m pushing the envelope by planting these because most references say they need more shade that we can give them. But they are so beautiful I’m willing to risk failure. My most recent 5-foot specimen now sits behind the garage, and gets even less light than my other two (which seem to be happily existing and even growing – if slowly). I’m hoping this latest addition grows well, with only an open habit as a result of its shaded location.

  • Shade Grade

Nursery Tag

Full sun to light shade. Moist well-drained soil. Tolerant of a wide variety of conditions

Gardener's Log

05/2015: Planted in small pot on back deck

06/2017: Planted next to creek in place of old tsuga.

05/2018: Planted in back of garage at the corner of steps and retaining wall.

07/2021: Moved the smallest one from the garage over next to the one by the creek


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