Morgan Arborvitae

Thuja (syn. Platycladus) orientalis 'Morgan'

I bought this to replace the Lawson False Cypress ‘Treasure Island’ which I’d transplanted into a bigger container on the opposite side of the deck since it had outgrown its pot.

I actually loved Treasure Island in its original home as it caught ejected seed from the overhanging bird feeder. Birds would hilariously pop in and out of the thick foliage looking for the cast-off treats. Unfortunately squirrels would do the same, and while Treasure Island was bendy enough to bear the squirrel weight without breaking, this new arborvitae is not. I unfortunately discovered this after finding 10 or more broken stems littering the deck not 3 days after planting it. So I moved Morgan and am on the hunt for a better substitute. I actually tried to move the Montgomery Colorado Blue Spruce into the bird feeder spot thinking it was robust enough, but discovered all the top-center needles had been broken off, giving it the appearance of a medieval monk’s shorn cranium.

I’d love a new Treasure Island in that spot but the sizing won’t work because they are so tiny when purchased new (and probably prohibitively expensive if actually available at a decent size!).

      Nursery Tag

      Growth habit: Broad upright. Growth rate: 3-5' per year. Size: 4'H x 3'W. Hardiness: -20 to -10. Sun to part shade.

      Gardener's Log

      05/2024: Planted one in large pot on deck.

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