Minuet Weigela

Weigela 'Minuet'

Update 2023

I entertained moving this Minuet Weigela from its current spot, but it’s fabulous right where I planted it next to our Black Dragon Cryptomeria and across a couple of hostas from Geranium Czakor. The blooms on this shrub in May are unreal. I’m now thinking of other places I can put some new Wiegela; I’m pretty much obsessed with this plant!


This is one of those plants I spy at the nursery and buy because I like it, then have to find a place to put it. Unfortunately, when I got home and did a little research, most resources put this in the full-sun category (though the nursery tag staged sun to part shade). So I had a hard time placing this, given the full sun spots are kinda used up. I ended up situating this in the front garden bed – we’ll see how it fares.

I love the flowy leaf texture and pink tubular flowers, but it’s a bit too similar looking to the geraniums growing in the same bed. I suspect I may move this to a different spot in a year or two, especially if one opens up on the south easement.

    Nursery Tag

    Medium growing spreading deciduous broadleaf shrub. Low to moderate water use. Height 2 to 3 feet, spread 3 - 4 feet. Hardy to about -25F.

    Gardener's Log

    05/2022: Planted at brick wall next to black dragon Cryptomeria

    Minuet Weigela in bloom

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