Japanese Aralia

Fatsia japonica

I fully expect this to outgrow its spot, cascading down the retaining wall and growing high enough to obscure the ugly man door on the back of the garage. That may mean cutting it back a bit every year but I think I’ll much prefer this tropical looking, non-woody specimen to the snarled old laurel shrubs that it’s replacing!



This guy got way too tall and wide, as I suspected. It got to maybe 5 or 6 feet before I Cut the top off and moved it to the the north side yard to eventually provide an evergreen screen against our neighbor’s yard. Currently tucked behind a large aucuba japonica, but I expect it to be taller next year.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Needs regular water - weekly, more often in extreme heat. 5 - 8 feet tall and wide. Zones 8 - 11, min temp 10 to 20F. Easy care plant

    Gardener's Log

    05/2018: Planted between garage back door landing and retaining wall.

    04/2020: Got way too big for it's spot, so moved to the corner between our new north side wood fence and chain link fence

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