Arisaema concinnum

I was excited to find this unusual plant in a 3-bulb pack from a vendor at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Sadly, only one of them popped up, and did so much later than most references tell me it should have. It’s also a bit weirdly shaped. I’m not sure if this lackluster result is due to my hasty cold-weather planting job, the winter weather or the quality of the bulbs (it’s in fact the second purchase from this particular vendor to result in no-shows), but I’m pretty disappointed. I’m hoping my one surviving specimen will make a full recovery next year. So until next year, I’m assigning this guy a grade of D.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Zone 6 - 9 Height: 36". Bloom time: June to August. Tall specimen forming a good size patch. Keep well-watered while in active growth for healthier tubers. Fertilize with foliar feed and topdressing.

    Gardener's Log

    02/2018: Purchased at NW Flower & Garden Show as a pack of 3 bulbs. Planted by stucco wall, at the window by the dirt room

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