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This pine really wants more light.

Eastern White Pine

Pinus strobus

This is one of our big trees, planted long before we arrived. Based on the bark pattern I’ve determined this is an Easter white pine rather than the local Western variety. Also, Western pines on this side of the cascades have been nearly wiped out due to white pine blister rust which tells me this is likely not that species.

Unfortunately this is not one of our better looking big trees – it’s leaning toward the sun and nearly 70% of its branches are on the South side of the trunk. It also tends to drop limbs in wind storms, so luckily it’s far away from any buildings. If tree removal weren’t so expensive I’d have it removed. The cones are pretty interesting though and I’ve used a few for decoration.


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    eastern white pine photo

    Photo by sciondriver

    eastern white pine photo

    Photo by Nicholas_T