Cup and Saucer Vine

Cobea Scandens
[ko-BEE-a SKAN-dens]

Grew these from seed at the end of february, and planted them out after first frost. I really had my doubts about these for the next couple months, but I think they were floundering due to our very wet and cold spring. They really didn’t start taking off until August, and first started to flower only in late September. Luckily our October (2022) has been unseasonably warm so we’ve been graced with at least a few flowers. I’m going to try and dig these up and bring them inside to overwinter and plant them back out next spring. Hopefully this will provide a head start so the plants will mature faster and flower early next year.

    • Light Requirement

      Nursery Tag

      Perennial vine (typically grown as an annual). Zones 9–11. 10–20 ft. long, 3–6 ft. wide

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      Photo taken October 1 2022

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