Climbing Hydrangea Vine

Hydrangea seemannii

Update 2023

After 6 years of growth, my Climbing Hydrangea vine has finally come into its own. Masses of glossy evergreen leaves decorate the many vines emerging from the thick, trunklike base. Fragrant white blooms decorate the plant in July. Although it’s extremely carefree, I’m still sticking with my ‘C’ grade given how long it’s taken to establish.


This is one of my chain link fence hiders, which it has slowly done over the course of years. However I’m still waiting on flowers. It’s in a bit of a harsh spot with not great, very dry soil though so fixing that could help. In the meantime the big shiny leaves look great on their own.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Large shiny dark green leaves with rust red stems on a self clinging vine. White flowers in July. Can climb to 25' Evergreen. Part sun to full shade. zones 7-10

    Gardener's Log

    08/2017: I'm guessing I planted this guy in 2016? So far no flowers though it's been looking good and steadily growing.

    Climbing hydrangea vine beginning to bloom

    Photo taken in 2021

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