Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’

Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal'

Update 2023

We’re getting more flowers from our Rouge Cardinal Clematis after contractors cleared the easement trees in 2019, which let more light into our property. But because I planted it on the south edge of the deck, we can really only enjoy the show from the backyard since the vine grows through the railing toward the sun! Usually, by the time I realize it’s grown in that direction, it’s too late to train it back. But I actually quite like the surprise of seeing a trail of big purple clematis flowers draping from the deck as I’m gardening the backyard in July.

Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’ is a compact, deciduous vine festooned with stunning burgundy to purple-red blossom in early to mid-summer. Rouge Cardinal belongs to group C (hard prune in late winter and spring to about 1ft).

This guy has been trucking along in a cedar planter in a shaded corner of our deck. It puts out maybe 2 beautiful flowers every year, despite pruning it as recommended. I’m sure it would like a little more sun. Unfortunately, the leaves are plagued by leaf miners or thrips in midsummer, and it doesn’t look that great after flowering. I’m still rooting for it though, hoping it will come into its own after a couple more seasons.

Companion Plants for Clematis ‘Rouge Cardinal’

Japanese Maple, Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Rapid growing spreading deciduous broadleaf vine. Height 8 to 15 feet. Hardy to about 0 degrees F. Crimson flowers, pruning group C. Likes sun/part shade

    Gardener's Log

    06/2015: Planted in deck pot by sunroom

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