Garden Update: Carnival Colors and Carnivorous Plants

Jun 29, 2017 | Garden Update | 0 comments

It’s nearly July and the garden has reached peak bloom. Weed growth has slowed from “OMG” to just annoying, enabling me to catch up a bit. So I figured it was a good time to get out there and take a few photos.

Our Japanese Hydrangea Vine is kicking butt. A slow grower that I planted several years ago, this beautiful vine is covered in these ethereal blooms every year in late June/early July.

A close up of a daylily bloom. These flowers look fantastic for about 2 hours max.

A fluffy white Astilbe. I wish I knew what variety this was, but it came in a combo bag from Costco without any information about the varieties. It’s one of my favorites.

This tiny sundew recently migrated outdoors along with a pitcher plant that I transplanted out of a terrarium it outgrew. I figured the sundew would die, but it only pretended to die for about a week. Now it’s back and is currently snacking on about 6 gnats. This was the least gruesome shot I took.

My best hosta grouping effort. It was also purely accidental.

These unidentified variegated hostas came with the house. They are hardy and slug resistant – and free – so I’ve propagated them all over the yard. This grouping has super tall flower spikes for some reason, and I thought they looked interesting in the evening sun.

For the last photo, I offer a view of the creek, of which you can barely see in this shot. The astilbes are in full bloom along with the last remaining daylily in the foreground.
This cornucopia of color is what happens when you buy random plants you like and put them all together without much planning. It’s my ‘coat of many colors’ garden. I’ll be fine-tuning it over the next few years as I learn which plants look good together and what size and shape they ultimately take.


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