Natal Mahogany

Trichilia dregeana

I didn’t seek out this tree and had never seen one before spying it in the corner of Sky Nursery’s indoor garden section. It looks like a coffee plant but more upright, with beautify leathery leaves. I suspect the ‘Natal’ part of the name is a sneaky way of saying this is really just the small state of the giant tree it will become. The nursery tag does say 6+ feet… I’m assuming anywhere between 6 and 60 feet? Ha. Well the sunroom ceiling is only 7 feet, so we’ll find out pretty soon!

    Nursery Tag

    Fast growing upright plant - prefers bright filtered light keep above 35 - keep evenly moist grows to 6'+ - toleRates low light

    Gardener's Log

    04/2019: Potted in sunroom

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