Golden Hardy Fuchsia

Fuchsia magellanica var. gracilis 'Aurea'

This lovely fucshia took a while to establish, maybe 2 years, but once it did it flourished. We’re rewarded with a spray of arching, lime green foliage in spring and contrasting, narrow magenta flowers in late summer that hang down like drop earrings. The plant got so big that in fall 2016, I dug it up and split it in two – which was no small feat. I worried I’d mangled it a little too much but both halves have regrown without problems this summer (2017). It tends to get whiteflies later in the season, but the damage is minimal. I’d recommend placing it in a sunnier spot in your shade garden.

    • Shade Grade

    Nursery Tag

    Single arching 18-24". Corolla: purple. Sepals: red

    Gardener's Log

    08/2008: Planted next to clematis vine in front garden

    09/2016: Split and planted half in North Side Garden

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